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I had the worst day of my life and for some crazy reason i googled 'im a quiiter'. Yes, you can imagine how bad my day was and here I am, a member of this site!
I always lived my life blaming the other person, if i failed then my professor was a bitch, if i quit then my boss hates me.. there was always some reason that i would find to get rid of my guilt.
I'm 25 and i've reached a point where i have excluded friends and family out of my life. Friends are difficuly to include again but im desperately trying to mend fences with family and that has worked.
I have no friends, im insecure and feel like this world is unfair to me, again im blaming, i know.

but how do i get over this mind block? i cant keep screwing up again and again. ive quit 3 jobs, lost quite a few friends and i need to get serious in life for the sake of my sanit and career. but how?

how can u stop urself from exploding when u have been bottling up resentment for a colleague for so long? how do i always end up being the bad, sad, alone girl in this situation evry time.
why is it that when im sitting in a room full of people i still feel alone? how do i start building new friendships?

u know whats the best thing about this site? i can rant and rave and nobody will ever figure out who i am.

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my first post, posted February 14th, 2013

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